Mission and Vision
Mission & Vision of The General Office of External Affais are;
  • to provide our university to be one of the pioneer, esteemed and the highest brand value universities (between the 100 universities) of the world,
  • to ensure its integration with the world,
  • to achieve the most possible comprehensive scientific, technical and educational collaboration by enhancing the visibility of our university in the world,
  • to reach the world-wide ideal education, service and research level and spread our productivity to the world,
  • to search the ways and means to achieve these goals,
  • to provide the required international communication.
Fundamentally, The General Office of External Affais;
  • maintains the relationships with the goals above,
  • conducts the process of internationalization
  • organizes a teamwork with related university units,
  • provides the required integrity of target, strategic association and coordination,
  • generates and enhances the collaboration. All of these are the fundamental and natural aims of The General Office Of External Affairs.
Hacettepe University Office for External Affairs
06800 Beytepe Ankara